December Summary


This post is long overdue, as I have been swamped at work. Nevertheless, December was an amazing month. I love the holidays and all the food that comes along with it, although December signals that winter is here. My investment portfolio did quite well though! I set a record for dividend received in a month, as well as starting to write call options on some of the positions I own.


I got $305.23 from 15 dividends, and 1 special dividend.

  • F – $63.30
  • SJM – $11.86
  • SNA – $8.20
  • MIXT – $3.58
  • LB – $37.21
  • ENR – $6.96
  • MAIN – $5.75
  • NWL – $26.68
  • TPB – $4.00
  • FBNK – $15.00
  • TKC – $28.02
  • RLI – $4.20
  • RLI – $35.00 – Special Dividend of $1.75 per share!
  • MAIN – $8.37 – Special Dividend of $0.28 per share!
  • BAC – $26.61
  • EXR – $20.50


I made one sell; LB. I decided I was going to sell L Brands because of the tough retail environment. I decided that L Brands had been performing so well because of name brand recognition, and there was growing competition, such as from AE. However I started building my HBI position within Robinhood instead because I saw HBI as more of a commodity, as everyone will buy undershirts, and boxers.


I made two purchases


FBNK: FBNK is a regional bank located in Connecticut. Although I will add more detail in the coming weeks, I decided to start looking into and buying local banks. I believe the new tax code is beneficial for financials, and that banks will benefit. I believe that we will start to see a consolidation of small banks. Additionally, FBNK has raised their dividend every quarter for the past two years. My position already yields 2.26%, and I can’t wait to see that start rising.


WNEB: WNEB is a local bank located in Massachusetts, which I will add more detail in the coming weeks.


Additionally I wrote 3 Call options that yielded me $97 and are as follows.

  • HRL C40 03/16/2018 Expiration – $35 after commission and fees
  • CSCO C42 03/16/2018 Expiration – $19 after commission and fees
  • F C13 03/16/2018 Expiration (x2) – $43 after commission and fees



Overall it was a very successful month. How was yours?

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Mr. Robot · January 22, 2018 at 8:56 am

Congratulations on setting a record month! November was my personal record for 2017 but those numbers are nowhere near yours πŸ˜‰

LastEwan · January 26, 2018 at 1:39 am

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