Welcome to my blog, Collecting Dividends. I decided to start this blog as a creative outlet, and to hold myself accountable to saving and investing as much of my money as I can.

I started investing a couple of years ago right towards the tail end of college. I was able to gather $2,500 together and open up my own brokerage account. I’m glad that I opened up my brokerage accounts when I did as many people start investing later in their lives than I did!  When people start investing late they don’t get to fully utilize the principal of compound interest.  I wouldn’t have started investing so early if it weren’t for my parents.  My parents and grandparents were always investors throughout their life.  Although they never had high incomes, they put away whatever they could and which finally turned into a nest egg in the end. I am incredibly appreciative of my parents for instilling the investing spirit in me.

I’ve made many mistakes investing in my first couple of years, including investing in risky stocks, some of which I still hold. Obviously it is a learning lesson, albeit a painful one.  I am still happy that I learned it sooner rather than later.

Throughout my first couple of years I had yet to learn that the best stocks are the ones that pay dividends.  Dividend paying stocks are usually ones where management is confident in the company enough to return excess capital to the shareholders.  One of my favorite parts about dividend investing is turning the holdings into DRIPs (Dividend Re-investment programs).  That allows investors to fully utilize one of the most powerful forces in the world, compound interest.

As my investing “career” progressed I would spend endless hours researching stocks, reading numerous books, and then I started finding that there were individual blogs dedicated to investing, and dividend investing. Me finding those is partially the reason for creating this blog.  I didn’t know that there were so many others like me who loved investing and creating super detailed spreadsheets of their investment holdings.

Although this blog is going to be focused on dividend stocks, I will likely touch upon other non-dividend paying stocks, asset classes, or even personal finance subjects. In the coming days I will slowly complete this site, so please stay tuned! In the mean time, you can find my current portfolio here.

Thanks for reading!


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Dividend Portfolio · November 1, 2017 at 11:13 am

Welcome to the DGI Community CD. It’s a supportive community. Looking forward to following your progress.

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